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Hydraulic Shop

Hydraulic Shop

Our Stockton Shop Provides Quality Parts for Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulics are a modern engineering miracle, as they use principles of fluid dynamics to do the heavy lifting. Whether you use this feature to operate a liftgate, split logs, hoist loads high into the air or simply raise or lower the height of your car, these systems rely on a sophisticated network of hoses to function properly. If one of these pieces springs a leak, you are stuck in place until replacement parts restore full pressure to the system, which is why you need to have a relationship with a quality hydraulic shop. The professionals at Clutch & Brake Xchange Inc. have been working with hydraulics since 1980, and we can help you avoid costly delays by providing replacements for the faulty components as quickly as possible.
Our staff of precision machinists can engineer a custom hose that will fit perfectly with your components while standing up to all of the rigors imposed during normal operations. We can also outfit you with all of the fittings, cables, and couplings that you need to get your vehicle back on the road.