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Preferred Parts Supplier

When you need parts for your commercial truck, you don’t have time to dicker around. When you aren’t hauling something, you are losing money. You need the folks at Clutch & Brake XChange Inc. to get you back on the road!
We are the preferred supplier for truckers because we stock what you need, not a bunch of useless junk. Just look at some of the industry-leading suppliers we partner with: Eaton, Wilson, Bendix, Truck-Lite, and Raybestos Powertrain to name a few.
Clutch & Brake Xchange Inc. is more than a powertrain and brake company; we cover every major area of your truck. We provide parts from belts and filters to bearings and seals; from lighting to heating and cooling; from shop supplies to entire transmission assemblies. We have got you covered and we can ship nationwide as quickly as you need it.
We are your preferred parts supplier…or, we should be! If you have never looked us up, call us right now and we can quote any part you need, if you are brand loyal. Or we can provide optional suppliers and pricing if you are shopping for a bargain. Contact our parts department today!