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Flywheel Resurfacing: What Every Truck Owner Should Know

When the clutch functions properly, your vehicle operates smoothly and quietly. A little-known device is critical to the clutch kit's operations—the flywheel. The flywheel aids the clutch to control the flow of kinetic power from the engine to the transmission.
Specialists recommend flywheel resurfacing during clutch maintenance work to ensure optimal performance of the flywheel and clutch system.
Read on to find out more about flywheel resurfacing and its benefits for your truck.
Flywheel Types
Depending on the type of automotive engine, your truck could have a flat, recessed or raised flywheel. Each type of flywheel requires a different resurfacing method.
Flat Flywheel
In a flat or lightened flywheel, the clutch cover and disc are mounted on the same surface. This provides a wider surface area for resurfacing using a large, segmented grinder.
Recessed Flywheel
A recessed or single mass flywheel features the clutch cover and disc affixed on the same surface. A raised lip surrounds the circumference of the flywheel.
In some recessed flywheels, the clutch disc is at a lower height than the clutch cover, giving the flywheel a sunken look.
Resurfacing a recessed flywheel entails the use of a smaller splayed grinding wheel. This allows the machinist to grind the raised lip, the clutch disc, and cover in equal amounts. This method stabilizes the tension in the clutch cover against the clutch disc to prevent flywheel slippage.
Raised Flywheel
Also known as a double mass flywheel, the raised flywheel has a clutch disc mounted higher than the clutch cover. Your machinist will use a small splayed grinder to resurface this type of flywheel.
Flywheel Problems
A flywheel that requires resurfacing will exhibit several telltale symptoms including slipping gears, burnt smell, clutch problems, and vibrations.
Slipping Gears
A worn-out clutch can cause the flywheel to overheat, warp, and weaken. You will know the gears are slipping if you are having a hard time changing gears or there is a delay after releasing the clutch pedal.
Burnt Smell
When the clutch fails to release properly, you may notice a burning smell resulting from overheated clutch facings caused by excessive clutch driving.
Clutch Problems
In addition to the clutch not releasing correctly, you may notice a grinding sound when you try to change gears. You may also have a hard time engaging the first gear.
A warped flywheel may cause inconsistent rotation of the engine, resulting in pulsating vibrations. A malfunctioning flywheel may also cause vibration on the floor of the vehicle.
Flywheel Resurfacing Benefits
During use, the flywheel is constantly spinning. This can lead to damage from over-heating and wear and tear. Resurfacing helps to restore the flywheel's efficiency. An efficient flywheel offers several benefits.
  • It provides energy to move your truck forward
  • It ensures proper working of the orientation system
  • It guarantees rapid delivery of kinetic energy
Resurfacing can prevent costly clutch repairs and ensure safety while your truck is in motion. A cracked flywheel can easily explode if you do not replace it immediately.
Flywheel Resurfacing Process
Professional machinists use cutting or grinding to resurface a flywheel. Cutting encompasses the use of a brake lathe to correct the thickness variation of the flywheel to minimize vibration and noise.
Grinding is much faster and entails the use of a segmented grinder that features a block and head. The grinder works to remove some metal to improve thickness variation and to smooth out the surface of the flywheel.
The flywheel plays a crucial role in the operation of your truck's engine and transmission. Regular care and maintenance by a professional machinist can ensure safety and optimal performance of your rig and indeed your entire fleet.
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